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2013 NBA Mock Draft…With Just ACC Players


What if the NBA could only draft from the ACC? I’m sure that’s a question you’ve never asked yourself, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have an answer for you.

1. Cleveland – Alex Len, C, Maryland 
This one was easy. Len is being projected by some as the Cavaliers’ actual first pick. The fact is, they could use a guy like Len, a skilled big man with an established post-game and the softest touch.

2. Orlando – Michael Carter-Williams, PG, Syracuse 
The Magic have bigger needs than point guard, but not even they can pass up on a guard with this kind of size and scoring ability.

3. Washington – Steve Adams, C, Pittsburgh
With John Wall and Bradley Beal, the Wizards backcourt is set. What they need is an inside presence. Adams has an NBA-ready body and a motor to match. He’s just a little raw and needs some polishing.

4. Charlotte – Shane Larkin, PG, Miami
Like Orlando, the Bobcats have bigger needs, especially down low, but Larkin is a gifted athlete with the potential to be a star player in this league.

5. Phoenix – Mason Plumlee, C/F, Duke
The Suns need help at every position, especially in the paint. Plumlee’s ceiling isn’t the highest, but he can get the job done on the boards and in transition.

6. New Orleans – Lorenzo Brown, PG, N.C. State
The Pelicans could use a big body to help out Anthony Davis, but there are none worth a pick this early. Lorenzo Brown is a wicked quick point guard, who is an excellent ball handler, capable of playing off the ball as well.

7. Sacramento – Reggie Bullock, G/F, North Carolina 
Tyreke Evans is a restricted free agent, who I expect will be gone. Bullock has the same size as Evans, but is a better three-point shooter, making him a better fit for the two-spot.

8. Detroit – Erick Green, PG, Virginia Tech
The Pistons could use a true pass-first point guard, but the best ones are gone. Green knows how to run the point, but he’s a scorer first (a damn good one though).

9. Minnesota – Durand Scott, SG, Miami
Scott is underrated in my book. He’s a solid defender on one end, capable of taking the ball to the rim on the other.

10. Portland – Richard Howell, PF, N.C. State
Yeah, I’m picking Howell over his more popular teammate C.J. Leslie. The Trail Blazers need a rebounding big man, not a soft power forward. Howell’s specialty is owning the boards.

11. Philadelphia – C.J. Leslie, PF, N.C. State
The 76ers need low post scoring and some depth at point guard, but let them roll the dice on the athletically gifted Leslie. The fact is, no player has a wider gap from ceiling to floor than the former Wolfpack.

12. Oklahoma City (via Toronto) – Michael Snaer, SG, Florida State
The Thunder need a new James Harden. I’m not saying Snaer is that guy, but he’s the most clutch player coming out of the ACC.

13. Dallas – James Southerland, SF, Syracuse 
Shawn Marion and Vince Carter can’t play forever. Southerland is a bit one-dimensional, but he’s an excellent outside shooter.

14. Utah – Dexter Strickland, SG, North Carolina 
The Jazz really could use a point guard, so C.J. Harris is an option, but I’d take Strickland. He’s more of a combo guard and doesn’t do one thing great, but he can do a little bit of everything well.

15. Milwaukee – C.J. Harris, PG, Wake Forest
The Bucks have a ton of decisions to make in their backfield. Brandon Jennings is a restricted free agent, Monte Ellis has already said he is opting out and J.J. Redick will probably sign elsewhere. My point…they need backcourt help now.

16. Boston – Jack Cooley, PF, Notre Dame 
The Celtics are desperate for rebounding and low-post scoring. Cooley is a bit undersized and won’t impress many with his athleticism, but he’s an elite rebounder who can be a man’s man in the paint.

17. Atlanta – Seth Curry, SG, Duke 
The Hawks need plenty of help, rebounding, a versatile wing, plus a shooter from deep. Seth is not his brother or his father, but he can hit from long range.

18. Atlanta (via Rockets) – Kenny Kadji, PF, Miami
The Hawks will more than likely use one of their two picks on a European player. Kadji’s skill set reminds many of a Euro player. He’s a stretch four, with long arms with a solid outside shot.

19. Cleveland (via Lakers) – Ryan Kelly, PF, Duke 
He’s too slow to ever be effective at the next level, but with Kyrie Irving pushing the ball, you can simple put Kelly out on the three-point line and let him do his thing.

20. Chicago – Brandon Triche, G, Syracuse 
Triche is not a great athlete and is bit of a tweener, but he can play both guard spots and shoot from deep.

21. Utah (via Golden State) – Trey McKinney-Jones, SG, Miami
He’s not a great ball handler, but what he does is shoot three pointers. He nailed 43-percent last year for the Hurricanes.

22. New Jersey – Devin Booker, Forward, Clemson 
The Nets could really use a stretch four, but there are no more available. Next, they need help grabbing rebounds and that’s what Booker can sort of do well.

23. Indiana – Julian Gamble, PF, Miami
The Pacers need depth at both the point guard spot, as well as power forward. Gamble is not a playmaker, but he has a big body who loves to photobomb.

24. New York – Tray Woodall, PG, Pittsburgh 
The Knicks need some low post scoring, but the only big guys left can’t really score. So why not grab some depth at point guard.

25. L.A. Clippers – Scott Martin, SF, Notre Dame 
The Clippers need a defender in the paint. Martin isn’t the greatest defender in the world, but he’s the best big body left on the big draft board.

26. Minnesota (via Memphis) – Reggie Johnson, C, Miami
He had a awful senior year, but if you recall, after his junior year, some were projecting him as a late first, early second-round pick.

27. Denver – Scott Wood, SG, N.C. State 
The Nuggets need an outside shooter. Wood may be the most one-dimensional player out there, but that one-dimension is three-point shooting.

28. San Antonio – Mfon Udofia, PG, Georgia Tech 
The Spurs have zero point guard depth, so the Tech point guard can fill in for a few minutes, right?

29. Oklahoma City – Milton Jennings, PF, Clemson 
He’s not as good as his teammate (Devin Booker), but Jennings is always good for a couple of rebounds.

30. Phoenix (via Miami) – Jontel Evans, PG, Virginia
It’s either Evans or Andre Van Nest. Does it really matter?

JUST MISS THE CUT: Andre Van Nest, PF, Boston College


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