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The NBA draft is later this week, so let’s get the latest updates from ACC players who could potentially be selected in the 2013 NBA Draft.

Alex Len, Maryland 
It’s been a couple of exciting weeks for Maryland’s Alex Len. Suddenly everyone is talking about him as the number one pick in the draft. Stunning? Maybe. I’ve always felt (and I’m sure Terps fans would agree), Len wasn’t used right at Maryland, although I’m sure playing with a bunch of underclassmen didn’t help. I think he’s going to be a solid pro and he should certainly be a top-10 pick, but first? He compared himself to Zydrunas Ilgauskas. Okay, that’s not a bad comparison, but would anyone use the top pick in the draft for Ilgauskas? I wouldn’t.

Anyhow, I originally had Len going to the Wizards with the third pick, but everything I read says that’s not going to happen. For now, the best bet is that seven-footer will fall to the Kings with the 7th pick or the Timberwolves two picks later.

Of course if Len was healthy, things could be different. Speaking of injury…do you think it sounds like Len is throwing the Maryland coaching staff under the bus by claiming they waited until after the season to get a MRI? 

Brandon Triche, Syracuse
Triche is getting a lot of looks. He’s been brought in by the Clippers, Suns, Lakers, Trail Blazers and the Knicks to name a few. Despite the many workouts, it’s still unlikely that Triche will be drafted. He’s looking a like a clear post-draft free agent pick up.

C.J. Harris, Wake Forest
The former Demon Deacons got a tryout with the Charlotte Bobcats. Reportedly, the team would want Harris to play point guard. Too bad he played shooting guard throughout college. However, I still don’t see anyone drafting Harris at this time.

C.J. Leslie, N.C. State
It’s become crystal clear that Leslie, who was once considered a lottery lock coming out of high school, will not be drafted in the first-round of the NBA draft. Recently, he made a trip out Phoenix. Word is, he impressed the Suns at the NBA Draft Combine. If the Suns are really considering Leslie, then there is a shot he could be the last pick in the first-round. If the team passes, there is talk of both the Pistons and Knicks showing interest. Of the two, I’d lay money on the Pistons. The fact is, the Knicks don’t have a second-round pick.

Devin Booker, Clemson
I’m not seeing or hearing any interest in the former Clemson Tigers. The fact is, he’s not 6-9 (which is what Clemson listed him at) and he has no range. The closest he’s gotten to being in the NBA is by hanging out at his brother’s basketball game.

Dexter Strickland, UNC
Call it the Danny Green effect, but Strickland has been getting plenty of invites to tryouts. After showing off his skills at the 2013 Portsmouth Invitational, he’s recently worked out for the Jazz, Wizards, Nuggets and the Pistons. However, Strickland is never the headliner and is often stuck in the last paragraph as one of the “other guys” to tryout. Despite the workouts, I’m not finding a ton of praise about Strickland, so I still don’t see anyone drafting him.

Durand Scott, Miami
I originally thought Scott would go undrafted, but after he was a all-tournament selection at the Portsmouth Invitational, the former Miami Hurricanes shooting guard got a ton of invites. He’s recently tried out with the Pacers, Suns, Lakers, Spurs, Nets and Mavericks. The fact is, Scott has great size for the two, he’s got a scorer’s instinct and is one of the better defenders in the draft. Someone would be stupid to not use a second-round pick, someone like the Grizzles with the 42nd pick or the Timberwolves at 52.

Jack Cooley, Notre Dame
Most recently, Cooley has taken trips to tryout for the Trail Blazers and the Grizzles. However, reports are he’s had trouble scoring over size. Despite being one of the better rebounders, it’s tough to see Cooley getting drafted.

James Southerland, Syracuse
He’s worked out for the Kings, Suns, Spurs, Pacers, Bucks and Wizards. Yet, it’s unlikely Southerland will be drafted.

Kenny Kadji, Miami 
If it feels like the Suns have tried out every former ACC player, well…they pretty much have. This includes Kadji. Word is, the Suns liked what they saw. A stretch four who took a little time to develop in college, Kadji also got to work his magic with the Pistons, Lakers and the Jazz. Utah has had some success with second round sleepers and I think Jadji would be a solid fit for them with the 46th pick.

Lorenzo Brown, N.C. State
The 6-5 point guard has be taking a west coast road trip, visiting teams like the Spurs, Clippers and the Trail Blazers. There has also been a lot of talk about him going to the Knicks, who are desperate for some PG depth. Personally, I love him to go to the Spurs with the 28th pick. It’s clear from watching San Antonio in the NBA Finals that when Tony Parker leaves the floor, they got nothing. Brown could come in, watch and learn under one of the best ever and take over when Parker decides to retire. However, if I had to make a prediction, I’d say early second round to someone like the Rockets or 76ers.

Mason Plumlee, Duke
Teams like the Wizards, Celtics and the Thunder (where I’d think he be a perfect fit) have all brought the second Plumlee in for a workout. However, just about everyone and their mother has the Atlanta Hawks taking him. Personally I think people are factoring in Danny Ferry too much (since when do Dukies just draft Dukies?). I’m sticking with my original prediction; the Cavaliers will pass on Noel with the first pick and then go for size with the second first-round pick.

Mfron Udofia, Ga Tech
The Kings, Jazz and the Hawks have all worked the former Tech point guard out. According to a tweet by Brian Gregory, the tryout with Atlanta went well…of course the source may be a little bias.

Michael Carter-Williams, Syracuse
All you need to know is, he’s been invite to the NBA Draft Green Room. He’s a lock for the lottery, as most experts have him being the second point guard taken behind just Michigan’s Trey Burke. Right now, the Kings are a possibility with the 7th pick, but the popular pick is Detroit at number eight.

Michael Snaer, FSU
It’s hard to believe one of the most clutch basketball players in college last year could go undrafted, but that’s what might happen. Snaer recently worked out with the Trail Blazers, as well as the Magic, Suns and Thunder. Yet, there hasn’t been any rumors about Snaer sneaking into a draft pick, so for now, I’m thinking undrafted free agent.

Reggie Bullock, UNC
He was once projected as a second-round pick, but his outside touch and great size has made an impression on people. He’s recently visited the Bulls, Nuggets and Suns to name a few. I’ve always had him going in the first-round to Denver with the 27th pick. However, don’t be surprised if the Pacers grab the former Tar Heel as early as 23rd.

Richard Howell, N.C. State
For a while, I just didn’t think Howell would be drafted, not even in the sound round. However, I’m hearing the word “underrated” being thrown around a lot, so I’m starting to re-think Howell’s draft status. He’s a man’s man, who could provide some solid man minutes off an NBA bench. Recently, the Celtics and Nets worked out Howell. While I’m not willing to bet my first born that Howell will be draft, it’s not out of the question that he’s taken late in the draft.

Ryan Kelly, Duke 
Besides his engagement to Bill Cowher’s daughter, there hasn’t been a lot of news on Ryan Kelly. The fact is, even at 100% he was a fringe second-rounder, but after a rough end to the season, plus a little off-season surgery, I just don’t see anyone drafting Kelly.

Scott Wood, N.C. State
I’ll be honest, I wasn’t even paying attention to the former Wolfpack shooting guard. I only came across his name when reading about C.J. Harris. Anyhow, Wood recently worked out with the Charlotte Bobcats. However, if he can’t beat a Duke team manager in a three-point contest, what chance does Wood really have?


Seth Curry, Duke
He’s got the right name, but let’s face it, Seth is not his father or his brother. Worse yet, he’s still recovering from off-season surgery, so he’s worked out with no teams. So far, the biggest rumor I’ve heard is the Knicks, but again, New York doesn’t have a second round pick, so where would they draft him?

Shane Larkin, Miami
So it’s starting to look like Larkin made the right decision to leave early, right? The former Miami point guard had the measurements that make the scouts wet themselves and then proceeded to have a fantastic NBA combine. He went from being a late first-round pick to a potential lottery pick. Of course this is where I will do a little bragging and point out I had Larkin being taken by the Jazz with the 14th pick way back in mid-May. Yeah, I’m wicked smart. Actually, I’ve watch Larkin play a ton and if any NBA scout actually watched game tape, they would see what I saw.

Tray Woodall, Pitt
Forget being drafted, I think Woodall is a long shot to make any NBA team, but that doesn’t mean someone is not checking him out. The Washington Wizards had him in for a visit, as did the Pistons, but again…long shot.


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