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Antonio Barton Picks Tennessee



He was considering Maryland, but in the end, Antonio Barton won’t even leave the state, deciding to play his last year of basketball as a Volunteer.

I know Maryland fans are going to be disappointed. Like every team across America, they are desperate for senior leadership, especially at the point guard spot.

However, those who thought Barton was some kind of savior, they were going to end up feeling disappointed.

Barton has slowly turned himself primarily into a three-point shooter (58-percent of his shots last year were from three). He came into the league known as a guy who will attack the rim, but the only time he goes deep inside the paint is in transition. In a half court set, he’ll dribble a couple of times off a screen and put up a jump shot or a decent floater, but that’s it.

At Maryland, he was expected to take over the point guard duties. Now¬†Barton could have certainly deliver senior leadership. He’s a steady player who rarely turns the ball over. His 16.4 TO rate would have been the best among current Terrapins, who all sit 22 or higher in TO rate.

However, Barton has never proven to be the kind of guy who makes his teammates better, spending most time off the ball. The best assist rate he’s produced was 13.4 as a freshman, far below what Seth Allen (20.1), Nick Faust (18.7) and even Dez Wells (22.1) produced.

In the end, Mark Turgeon will have to stick with a combination of Seth Allen and incoming freshman Roddy Peters at point guard.

Personally, I think this is a better option. I know Allen frustrates the hell out of Terrapins fans with his stupid turnovers and bad shot selection, but his mistakes were classic freshmen mistakes. I’m not saying he’s going to turn into an elite point guard, but his quickness can be stunning and I expect a nice freshman to sophomore jump.

If I’m wrong, then I’m confident Peters can be ready to run this team when ACC play rolls around.

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