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Boston College Signs Another One

Billy Magarity

I guess it’s never too late to go get more players.

According to BC Interrupted, the Eagles landed Swedish power forward Billy Magarity Jr. He becomes the third member of Steve Donahue’s 2013 class. The other two are Darryl Hicks and Garland Owens.

Listed at 210 centimeters (that’s 6-11 for us ‘Mericans),  he’s the 23rd rated international player.

There’s not a lot of info out there on this guy. Word is, he’s got a good basketball IQ, can challenge 7-footers, but knock down jumpers like a guard.

In fact, he was good enough to get a contract offer in Italy.

 (Magarity) turned down a seven-year contract offered by Benetton Treviso, the storied Italian team that produced New York Knicks coach Mike D’Antoni and NBA players Toni Kukoc and Andrea Bargnani.

Anyhow, after watching about 28 minutes of game tape on YouTube, here’s what I saw.

He’s got good size and good length. He was born in 1993, so he’s older and he already has a nice frame.

Like the stereotypical European player, he’s a face up four, who likes to hover around the three-point line. He can hit the three, so I’d love to see him run some pick-and-pop in the ACC.

He doesn’t come off as a high-flying athlete, but on the defensive end, he moves his feet well and always has his long arms up and out. He can certainly be an effective shot blocker.

Like I said earlier, the tape on him is limited, but here is what concerns me. I didn’t see a lot of post-up moves, I didn’t see a lot of back to the basket and during the game footage I watched, he looked a little passive (again, it’s only one games worth of action).

Right now, I don’t see a kid who is going to step in and challenge for any rookie of the year honors. I think he’s going to get slight reality check when he gets to experience the physical play the ACC will offer him. A shoulder to the chest from a 6-8/245 “power” forward makes you think twice about standing in the paint.

As for stats, he last played a full season at Eco Orebro (Sweden doesn’t have high school teams, just club teams so the competition level is high), he played about 21 minutes per game, averaging a decent 6.9 points 5.3 rebounds per game. He shot 32-percent from three.

Anyhow, looking ahead, he should see some time coming off the bench this season. In fact, he could be the first option off the bench behind Ryan Anderson, capable of playing the 5-spot too.

With his ball handling skills and outside shot, give this guy a year or two develop some inside game and he could become a special player in this league in time.

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