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Cards’ Chris Jones Gone For Good

Chris Jones Louisville

In a strange twist, the Louisville Cardinals have suspended Chris Jones for the second time, but this time for good.

From the school:

Chris Jones has been dismissed from the University of Louisville men’s basketball team. There will be no comment on the matter.


From what I’ve heard, the senior guard was not suspended for anything related to basketball, which means it was a school matter. On twitter, you’ll find many folks speculating or saying what a friend of a friend said.

Again, all rumors, nothing more. However, it’s hard to believe that Jones did something illegal that would warrant a suspension, but then come back just one game later, only to be suspended for good after that one game.

This is the second player Rick Pitino has dismissed in two seasons. Last year, forward Chane Behanan was dismissed.

Anyhow, this is going to be difficult for the Cardinals to overcome. Jones’ was one-third of the big three that featured Montrezl Harrell and Terry Rozier. He was third on the team in scoring, averaging 13.7 points per game. He led the team in both assists (94) and steals (53).

In steps in Quentin Snider…again. The freshman played hard the one games Jones was suspended, but let’s not forget Louisville lost by ten to Syracuse in that contest. Snider simply can’t score like Jones can and this is a team that has struggled all year long outside of Jones/Rozier/Harrell. Worse yet, Rozier has really hit a scoring wall, hitting just 23 of his last 76 shots (30%). In fact, without Chris Jones’ 14 second half points against Miami this weekend, they would be riding a three-game losing streak.

UPDATE: Word is the dismissal is anger related.

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