ACC Basketball

Fighting Irish in need of a cupcake

Jerian Grant, ND

Over the last nine games, Notre Dame has won seven of them. That’s the good news. The sort-of bad news is, they’ve all been nail biters. Two of those wins came in overtime (including a double overtime win over last place Georgia Tech). Then there was a one-point win at North Carolina, the three-point win in their rematch with the Yellow Jackets, a five-point victory over Miami at home, before they finally whipped Virginia Tech (because that’s what everyone does to Va Tech, except Syracuse).

Over their last three games, they pulled out a three-point win over NC State, followed by a four-point win over Duke, before falling to Pittsburgh by four. Now I know what you’re thinking…who gives a crap, they won? I agree, but with Boston College at home, it’s about time the Fighting Irish could pull out another easy one.

Of course, it’s a good time for one of the worst defensive teams in the league to start playing something that resembles defense, because someone much smarter than me said, “defense wins championships,” and it remains true to this day and in any sport. Other than that, this team has it all.

They have a star in Jerian Grant. They have guys who can drop bombs from downtown South Bend (does South Bend have a downtown?), they have a small scrappy baseball player who does a little of everything and they have a legit center who knows how to perform the pick-n-roll. They just need to play some defense.

Boston College made the right move in hiring Jim Christian, but I’m not sure I can say the same for Jim Christian. It was bad enough two of his three best players transferred (through no fault of his), but the Eagles’ list of “Players out for the year” could nearly fill out a starting five: Lonnie Jackson, Idy Diallo, KC Caudill and Darryl Hicks. It’s hard to win games with so many missing. It’s impossible to win games against top-10 teams with so many missing.


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