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Freshmen Orientation: Anthony Barber


Name: Anthony Barber

School: North Carolina State

Position: Point Guard

Measurements: 6-2/165

From: Hampton, Virginia

High School: Hampton H.S.

AAU Team: Boo Williams


ESPN: 4-Star | #8 Rated PG | #23 Overall

Scout: 5-Star | #4 Rated PG | #16 Overall

Rivals: 4-Star | #3 Rated PG | #11 Overall

247Sports: 4-Star | #7 Rated PG | #40 Overall

Quick Thoughts:

Let me just get this out of the way right now…I love this kid. I think he is the real deal and he’s walking into a near perfect situation for himself.

“Cat” Barber is a lightening quick point guard who was raised on the same mean streets as Allen Iverson. Now there are plenty of quick guards out there, but Barber is actually one of those guys that looks quicker when he has the ball in his hands.

He’s got a nasty crossover, that is nearly impossible to stop to his right (although he’s more than capable of going left). On a good day, he can get into the lane at will. Besides the speed, he’s good size (height: 6-2, wingspan: 6-4), solid ball handling skills (lookout for his spin move) and is a flashy passer in the interior. He excels at the pick and roll and his stop-and-go speed would make Barry Sanders envious.

On the defensive side, he’s a natural thief. He plays the lanes aggressively, always trying to jump the passing lanes and turn offense into defense.

However, there is still work to be done. His outside shot will not impress many. His release is low and slow (not a good combination), so don’t be surprised to see his three-point percentage in the low 30’s. Also, he needs to live in the gym. He’s got a tiny frame and will struggle against bigger, more physical guards.

Freshman Outlook:

Ironically, despite losing so much talent, the one spot Mark Gottfried has a good player on his bench ready to step in is at point guard with Tyler Lewis, who was also a McDonald’s All-American coming out of high school.

Still, the Wolfpack need the best players on the court, so look for N.C. State to start both Lewis and Barber.

However, in the end, Barber needs the ball in his hands to do what he does best and his speed and athleticism may be too great ignore. He is most likely the second best player on this team behind T.J. Warren.

Right now, he’s often compared to former Tar Heel Ty Lawson, who had an excellent freshmen year. Lawson averaged 10.2 points and 5.6 assists per game (hitting 50% of his shots from the floor). I suspect Barber will average more points, but slightly less assists. However, stats aren’t everything, this is where he’s not like Lawson.

As much as I love Barber, the one thing he lacks that Lawson always had is leadership skills. Lawson was a natural floor general. According to reports, Barber is more of the quiet type. With so many new and young faces, Barber will need to be a vocal leader as well as a playmaker if N.C. State is going to have any kind of success.


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