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Freshmen Orientation: Garland Owens

garland owens

Name: Garland Owens

School: Boston College

Position: Small Forward

Measurements: 6-6, 185

From: Woodstock, Virginia

High School: Massanutten Military Academy

Twitter: @Owens_5


ESPN: 2-Star

Scout: 3-Star

Rivals: N/A

247Sports: 3-Star

Quick Thoughts:

A versatile wing, Garland Owens is the type of player Boston College really could use. To say he plays above the rim would be an understatement. Long and athletic, he explodes to the basket, preferring to dunk just about everything.

While he’s capable of playing the two, three or four spot, his game best resembles a face-up four. He spends a lot of time along the baseline, where he’ll take on his defender one-on-one. He can play both sides, since he can attack with both hands, using the old up and under the rim nicely to avoid blocks.

On the other end of the floor, how effective he will be will depend on which position he is asked to defend. Overall, he’s a good defender. He’s got good vision and is an excellent off the ball shot blocker.

However, I’m concerned about how he’ll defend smaller three-guard sets. His footwork is average outside in space, he’s not much of a ball hawk and taking a charge isn’t really his thing.

In the end though, the two biggest area of concerns will be his passing ability (he doesn’t really look for teammates) and second, he’s no threat from deep. It’s tough to play the wing if you can’t drain a three every now and then. He’ll need to spend a lot of time working on a jump shot, not only from deep, but from mid-range.

Freshman Outlook:

Again, the beauty is that head coach Steve Donahue can put Owens at a variety of positions.

Because of his limitations outside, I suspect he’ll be more effective inside, backing up Ryan Anderson. Get him some minutes in the paint and let his athleticism do some damage for small stretches at a time.

Over time, while he gets his jump shot working the next couple of seasons, he can eventually spend more time at the three spot where can really become a solid player.

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