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Freshmen Orientation: Miles Overton



Name: Miles Overton

School: Wake Forest

Position: Shooting Guard

Measurements: 6-3/175

From: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

High School: St. Joseph’s Prep School

Twitter: @MilesOverton


ESPN: 3-Star

Scout: 3-Star


247Sports: 3-Star | #62 Rated PF

Quick Thoughts:

If you’re looking for a freshman to come in and be able to nail down some shots, then Miles Overton is your man. He’s a confident shooter who can hit from anywhere on the floor.

Officially he’s listed as a shooting guard, but he’s a good ball handler with a solid basketball IQ, she can certainly spend some minutes at the point.

He’s got a nice college ready body, with wide shoulders which he uses to overpower small defenders. He works hard and is willing to do the small things to win games. He’s a crafty rebounder inside, especially on the offensive end.

While I’d love to see him speed up his release and he’s not known for his defensive (although he can pick a pocket now and then), his real problem is a lack of athleticism. It’s extremely noticeable. He’s not fast and he’s not going to win any slam dunk contests in his life.

It wasn’t a problem in high school, but I’m curious how it will effect him in college.

Freshman Outlook:

Overton walks into a good situation at Wake Forest. C.J. Harris graduated and Chase Fischer transferred, so there are holes to fill at the guard spots.

Right now, the battle for the two-spot comes down to Overton and incoming transfer Coron Williams. The latter certainly has the experience, but he’s spent the last three years as a one-dimensional three-point shooter for Robert Morris.

However, the Northeast Conference is not the ACC, so who knows how Williams will handle the tougher competition.

Even if Overton doesn’t get the start, he’s going to see plenty of minutes as the top shooter off the bench and since Williams is a senior, Overton will have the inside track as a starter as a sophomore.

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