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Freshmen Orientation: William “Bill” Magarity Jr.

Name: William “Bill” Magarity Jr.

School: Boston College

Position: Center

Measurements: 6-11/220

From: Sweden

Club Team: Eco Orebro

AAU Team: N/A



Scout: N/A

Rivals: N/A

247Sports: N/A

Quick Thoughts:

A late commit to Boston College, the Swed (with roots in Philadelphia) is the 23rd rated international player. He’s a bit on the older side (he’ll be 20 when he plays his first game for Boston College) which should help his adjustment to the U.S. game.

He’s a classic European face-up four. He’s tall and long, with solid basketball IQ, yet he’s a bit on the skinny side. He prefers to live out on the three-point line and is a pretty good shooter from deep. He could turn into a solid pick-and-pop guy in due time.

Playing for his club team (there is no high school basketball in Sweden), he played about 21 minutes per game, averaging 6.9 points, 5.3 rebounds, hitting 32-percent of his three-point shots.

He’s a good athlete, with decent ball handling skills, but he’s not a high-flyer. The problem is, he lacks any resembles of a inside game. He has zero back to the basket moves and will have no impact in the post…at least right now.

I think Magarity is a project at best. He needs to add a ton of muscle to his frame, because right now he would get abused in the paint. He has some shot blocking ability, but on both ends of the floor, he tends to be play passively and in the ACC, he’ll get eaten alive.

I’m all for stretching the defense with a four willing to step out and hit a jumper, but he can’t be one dimensional. He’ll need a couple of years to develope his body and game.

Freshman Outlook:

I’m confident that the Eagles have solid eight-man rotation, so I never really expected Steve Donahue to give a ton of playing time to his freshmen this year.

Now the one thing Magarity has going for him is the fact that B.C. is super thin in the paint. junior K.C. Caudill is the only player who stands over 6-8 (he’s 6-11) on the bench. Still, I think Magarity’s minutes are limited.

I suspect the Eagles will go small when they go to the bench with Eddie Odio, Alex Dragicevich and Garland Owens. Magarity should see some minutes when B.C. is munching on cupcakes, but I don’t foresee a ton of playing time once ACC play comes around.


  1. Anonymous

    August 9, 2013 at 1:08 pm

    You went from T to W- no report on VJ Beechem?

  2. Robert

    August 9, 2013 at 1:12 pm

    Actually…Magarity didn’t commit until after I started the list and I was calling him Bill. But at the last second, I decided to put him down as William. V.J. coming soon.

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