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J.J. Moore Really Is Leaving Pitt

A couple weeks ago, I talked about the rumors flying around that Pittsburgh’s J.J. Moore was thinking about leaving the Panthers.

Well, head coach Jamie Dixon apparently confirmed it…Moore is transferring out.

From Trib-Review:

“We are trying to help him find a school,” Dixon said. “We are trying to help him find the right place.”

Now keep in mind, Moore hasn’t announced or requested his transfer papers yet, but if the coach admits in public he is helping the kid find a new school, then he’s as good as gone.

While the 22-year-old senior-to-be isn’t a starter, this is another huge blow for the Panthers, who already lost Steven Adams to the NBA and Trey Zeigler to transfer.

Averaging eight points per game in about 19 minutes of play, Moore was always a jolt of scoring off the bench.

Of the 11 scholarship players that will be on Pittsburgh’s squads next year, more than half will be newcomers, four freshmen and two transfers.

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