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Jeter Blocked From Transferring To Pitt

It’s official…Kevin Stallings is a dick.

No wait, it’s official, Vanderbilt transfer Sheldon Jeter is being blocked from transferring to just one school…is it SEC rival Tennessee? Nope. A team the Commandos will face next year? Nope. It’s Pittsburgh.

Why? Who the hell knows. Does it matter?

Jeter wants to play close to home and Pittsburgh is just 45 minutes from where he played his high school ball.

He appealed his case to the university, but the decision was not overturned.

The ability for a coach to block a player from transferring to a specific location drives me insane. The fact that the player has to sit out a year is enough. If a kid wants to go back and play near home, he should be able to do it without some jilted ex lover coach saying he can’t.

If the Pittsburgh head coaching job opened up tomorrow and Kevin Stallings wanted to take it, he could walk out tomorrow with no issues.


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