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Jim Boeheim Retires…In Three Years

After Syracuse and head coach Jim Boeheim got crushed by the NCAA for a variety of academic and other violations, the big question was, would the old coach throw in the towel? Well, the answer is, yes…but not right away.

Boeheim will step down after the 2017-18 season or right when their scholarship reduction ends.

He’s been the man in charge since the 1976-77 season and was the second winningest coach in college basketball (behind Coach K) until he had a ton of wins stripped away. Now he’s currently sixth again on the win’s list with a 858-333 record.

The Hall-of-Fame coach has reached the Final-4 four times, going 47-28 in the tournament, finally winning it all in 2003. Led by freshman Carmelo Anthony, the Orange beat Kansas, 81-78, in the title game. They were in the Final Four as recently as 2013, when they fell to Michigan in the semifinals.

However, thanks to a self-imposed post-season ban this year, Boeheim failed to reach 20 wins for the first time since 1996-97.

Jim BoeheimWhile we still have plenty of time to enjoy the coach’s saucy personality, it will feel weird to see a Syracuse sideline and not spot Boeheim and his hot young wife. He has been a part of that program as a player (he played guard), assistant and head coach since 1969.

If you’re wondering who could possible replace this living legend, don’t. We’ve known for a while and it was made official just the other day.

From ESPN:

Syracuse assistant Mike Hopkins will officially be named as Jim Boeheim’s successor as head coach, multiple sources told on Tuesday. Gregory Cammett/Diamond Images/Getty Images Future Syracuse head coach Mike Hopkins played for Jim Boeheim and just finished his 12th season as an assistant.

Also in the wake of the recent troubles, Syracuse’s Athletic Director, Daryl Gross, is stepping down…and he’s not waiting three years. He’s been with the school for 10 years and played a big part in getting the Orange out of the Big East and into the ACC…so thanks for that.

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