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NCAA Bitch Slaps Syracuse


Well, the NCAA has just wrapped up their 8+ year investigation into Syracuse basketball (as well as football) and they came out swinging.

According to the NCAA, Syracuse committed academic misconduct, gave up improper extra benefits, failed to follow their own drug-testing policy, plus allowed impermissible booster activity.

The NCAA also was sure to lay blame directly at Jim Boheim’s feet:

“Over the course of a decade, Syracuse University did not control and monitor its athletics programs and its head men’s basketball coach failed to monitor his program.”

Although the investigation goes back to the 2001 season, Syracuse and the NCAA negotiated a statute of limitations for eligible violations to March 4, 2003. Convenient, since this means the Orange’s 2003 title will remain untouched.


Syracuse will be on probation for five years and they will lose 12 scholarships over the next four seasons (three per year), although they can delay the scholarship reduction one year “if the school has already executed financial aid agreements with the players” that have already committed. At this point, I believe all 2015 commits are signed, sealed and delivered.

As for the man in charge, Coach Boeheim will be suspended for nine games next year and not for the cupcakes in early November, but nine ACC games. On top of that, the school will have to vacate 108 wins, which means Boeheim goes from being the second winningest coach just 35 wins from 1,000 to falling back to sixth on the all-time list. I wonder if Syracuse will celebrate again when he breaks 900 wins…again? For the record, I hate when they take away wins. It’s pointless and stupid.

The biggest issue will be the scholarship loses. Those are huge. This means the coaching staff can’t afford to guess wrong on a recruit and if one or two players leave early for an NBA career, they better be prepared ahead of time. Overall, recruiting will be made even tougher as only two coaches will be allowed to recruit on the road. Ask any coach, that matters.



The one bit of good news is that the NCAA accepted Syracuse’s one season self-imposed post-season band and they did not add another one. That’s huge. If people are wondering if Boeheim might finally retire because of this, he won’t, because A) he’s kind of a dick (but he’s our dick, so we like him) and B) he has a pretty damn good team next year.

If the NCAA had decided to ban the Cuse for another post-season, you not only would have saw 2015 recruits re-thinking their commitment, you might have seen one or two current Orange abandon ship (something they still can do, but unlikely since they have something to play for next year).

Syracuse will be returning everyone, minus Rakeem Christmas, and bring in a nice four-man class, although they’ll probably have to abandon hope of landing 4-star stud Thomas Bryant (28th rated player in 2015).

Anyhow, not the best way to start your ACC career, Orange.

Speaking of ACC, we can’t move on without seeing how this impacts either UNC or Duke (that’s the ACC way). All I’m going to say is, if I’m a North Carolina fan I’m getting nervous. As we all know, the NCAA is currently investigating the Tar Heels for academic fraud and it’s hard to believe that if the NCAA finds the school guilty of what we’ve been told they did, their punishment may be just as bad if not tougher.


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