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NCAA Tournament Will Be Orangeless

Rakeem Christmas

Over the years, the Syracuse Orange have certainly exited the NCAA Tournament early, but never quite this early. The school has gone ahead and self-imposed a postseason ban for this year only. This includes not only the NCAA Tournament, but the ACC and the N.I.T Tournament (not that anyone cares about the latter one). Obviously the NCAA can still throw down their own sanctions, but they tend to look favorably when schools take out their own trash.

This investigation has been going on for so long and has remained relatively quiet compared to other recent ones at Miami and North Carolina, I had to go back and look up what the original problem was.

College Basketball Talk:

Among the alleged violations Syracuse is being investigated for are impermissible benefits being given to players, and the academic issues involving former players Fab Melo and James Southerland.

Of course, the cynic in me has to point out that they sure picked a good year to self-impose (they all seem to do that). The fact is, this year’s Syracuse team isn’t going anywhere. At this point, after barely escaping with a home win against Virginia Tech last night, this team was a fringe tournament team at best.

However, whether you’re a fan of the Orange or not, you always feel bad for kids who don’t get a shot at the post-season, even though they had nothing to do with the original problems that caused the ban. Syracuse only has one senior and that’s Rakeem Christmas, who was finally having a breakout year, averaging 18 points per game, after never averaging more than five per contest in his previous three seasons.

Okay North Carolina…your move. Just kidding. We know Carolina will never self-impose their basketball team.


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