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Sheldon Jeter Blocked From Transferring To Pitt

Let me just say straight up…the whole concept that a coach can block a student from transferring to another school is insane. I don’t care if the kid wants to go play for the cross-state, in conference rival, if he’s willing to sit out a year, then god bless him.

The fact is, the day players can prevent a coach from going to another school, then I’ll except coaches blocking players.

Sheldon Jeter’s, a freshman forward for Vanderbilt, who averaged about five points per game last year, wants to transfer to Pittsburgh and be closer to home. However, Vandy head coach Kevin Stallings put his foot down and said no.

Why? I have no clue. Pitt is not a rival for Vanderbilt, they don’t face off any time soon. It makes zero sense, unless the coach is just trying to be a dick. If that’s the case…success.

Currently the school’s athletic department sort of overruled their coach. They will allow Jeter to enroll at Pitt, pay his own tuition and then be put on scholarship the following year.

I’m still calling bullshit. It’s almost like your fining the kid for doing what hundreds of other players do each year.

For Panthers’ fans, it has to be frustrating. This is a team that has already lost Trey Zeigler and is set to lose J.J. Moore to transfers. In both cases, head coach Jamie Dixon has not blocked either player from transferring to another school (as far as I know). In fact, Dixon is actively assisting Moore find a new school.

However, before Pitt fans jump for the higher ground, let’s not forget their football team once blocked running back Rushel Shell from transferring to Arizona State. That too, made no sense.


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