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Syracuse missed chance to advance and missed and missed and missed…

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Now I’m probably not the guy to challenge Jim Boeheim. Granted, I won a handful of national titles on EA’s College Basketball 2005. However, he has 946 real wins and I don’t, but I just can’t believe he did not call a timeout at the end of the game there.

Let’s refresh. Syracuse down three. With 20 seconds on the clock, Tyler Ennis drives to the lane and throws up a questionable driving shot in traffic. Offensive rebound. Jerami Grant missed two. Offensive rebound. Tyler Ennis missed three. Offensive rebound. C.J. Fair missed three. Offensive rebound. Trevor Cooney missed three. Ball goes out of bounds. Ball game.

That’s six missed shots. I’ve never seen an ending like that in my life. Yet, the biggest problem I had was that most of those shots were rushed, off-balanced, with defenders in faces. But for some reason Jim Boeheim decided not to use one of his final two timeouts to settle his team. Granted, if one goes in we call him a genius, but it was just sloppy. You’re telling me Boeheim doesn’t have one or two good game ending plays in his playbook?

Have you ever seen a play-by-play like this before?

Have you ever seen a play-by-play like this before?

In the end, that final sequence was fitting. The fact is, the Orange have now dropped five of seven and so much of it has to do with the fact that this team can’t hit shots. N.C. State held them to 37% from two, 24% from three. Just look at the individual numbers: C.J. Fair: 3-16. Tyler Ennis, 6-18. Trevor Cooney, 1-6 (all from three). Only Jerami Grant could do much of anything on the offensive end, scoring 19, thanks to 13 trips to the free throw line. Yet, despite these awful numbers, the Orange did have a chance.

The game was a seesaw battle through the first 25 minutes, before N.C. State went on a 13-3 run and held a 10-point lead at the 11:03 mark. However, at that point the Wolfpack got sloppy and started the hand the ball off to the Orange, who took advantage. Syracuse actually re-took the lead 59-57 after five straight free throw attempts in three straight possessions.

However, Ralston Turner (9 points) banked home a three at the 2:31 mark and the Wolfpack never surrendered the lead back. T.J. Warren led all scorers with 28, while Jordan Vandenberg went a perfect 5-5 from the floor, finishing with 10 points.

As for Syracuse, they will now have to wait and see where the NCAA committee places them. I would guess they’ll end up the three seed, possible a four, but more importantly, I think they can kiss goodbye and shot at playing in the East Regional and in NYC.

N.C State’s slim NCAA Tournament hopes remain aline. However, I still think they need one more impressive win over someone like Duke to have a legit shot.

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