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Tar Heels won’t lose to Boston College

Michael Dwyer/AP

A week ago, North Carolina just went through arguable one of the tougher 48 hours of basketball a team could go through in this league, taking on Louisville on the road, followed right after by a home game against the second-rated Virginia Cavaliers. Both games were very different. In the former, the Tar Heels played like beast for most of the game, opening up a 18-point lead, but struggled down the stretch, incapable of keeping the Cardinals off the free throw line, losing in overtime.

Fast forward two days later and after playing a decent first 20 against Virginia, Carolina looked sluggish and couldn’t recover once the Cavaliers got rolling. Yet, both games had the same results…a loss.

Yes, Tar Heels’ fans can take some satisfaction that every one of their loses this season would be what I would call good loses, all coming against solid squads currently ranked in Ken Pom’s top-35. In fact, four of those loses came against teams currently in the AP top-10. Yet, like how a “win is a win,” loses are just loses if they continue to add up and let’s face it, this North Carolina team hasn’t beaten anyone that we didn’t think they couldn’t beat.

Of course, facing Boston College isn’t going to change that. As I already wrote in the title of this post, UNC will not lose this game. Maybe I’m getting a little too cocky, but I’m a fan of history and history tells me to not bet against North Carolina when facing a truly inferior ACC foe.

In fact, dating back to 2005, there have only been two “ACC” opponents that were ranked 100th or below in Ken Pom’s rankings and went on to shock North Carolina. One was 102nd rated Georgia Tech crushing the Tar Heels by 20 back in 2011. The other was actually last year when 118th rated Wake Forest pulled out a six-point win.

Overall, North Carolina is 34-2 since 2005 against ACC teams ranked 100th or worse in Ken Pom’s rankings. Boston College is currently ranked 118th. You starting to understand my logic?

Look for Roy Williams to double up Olivier Hanlan and bottle up Aaron Brown and dare the Eagles to beat them with someone else. That’s not going to happen, as there is no way Boston College’s front line can match up against UNC’s size.

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