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The Boston Massacre, Part II

February 18, 2014 - Source: Rich Barnes/Getty Images North America

February 18, 2014 – Source: Rich Barnes/Getty Images North America

No, nobody is about to get killed up in Boston, but for Boston College head coach Steve Donahue, he might be looking for someone to take him out of his misery.

Heading into the season the Eagles had so much hope. Coming off a 16-17 season, a 6-game improvement from the year before, many, including myself, thought the Eagles would continue to climb the standings in the ACC. They had two dynamic guards (Joe Rahon and Olivier Hanlan) who could score and a pound of beef inside with Ryan Anderson.

Then the actual season started and the roof caved in. Boston College dropped their first three games and they would never recover.

They struggled to find a big man who could handle the paint, their stars were inconsistent at best and there was little help from the bench. Worse yet, this team completely forgot about the concept of defense, ranking near the bottom in every major defensive stat you could dig up.

The season mercifully came to an end against Georgia Tech in the first round of the ACC Tournament, but even before that, there were already calls for Steve Donahue to be fired, which is sort of amazing since I had his ass nowhere near a hot seat before the season had started. Still, the fact is, last year looks more like the fluke and now twice in three seasons Donahue’s squad has failed to reach double-digit wins.

Of course, right when you think things can’t get worse, they always do.

Word is, Olivier Hanlan is seriously eyeing the NBA and if that happens, then Boston College could potentially be kiss both Ryan Anderson and Joe Rohan goodbye. Considering the simple fact that so far zero recruits have committed to the Eagles for 2014, eight wins next year might feel like an unreachable goal.

Now time will tell if any of this will happen. Hanlan may test the NBA waters and not like what he hears. The fact is, I seriously doubt I could find a mock draft that would have the sophomore in the first-round. At best, he’s a early second rounder, which often means the D-league for a lot of players.

If these three guys really do end up leaving and Donahue can’t bring any recruits to help rescue his program, it’s hard to find any argument to keep him  in Boston as the head coach next year.

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