ACC Basketball

The Morning After…

(Photo: Joe Rondone/Democrat)

Only one game last night…yet we still write about it. We’re good like that.

Down 16 midway through the first half, the Seminoles took control and rallied for a 53-52 win over their in-state rivals. Fitting, because didn’t the football Noles rally to beat the football Canes this season? Anyhow, Montay Brandon was unstoppable, hitting all seven shots, scoring 18 points, while the Seminoles controlled the paint as well. Their big men accounted for 12 of the teams 22 made baskets.

On the flip side, Angel Rodriguez’s stroke continues to fail him. He hit just 3 of 11 shots, which makes him 8-48 in his last five games. While the former Kansas State transfer does a lot of good things for Miami (leads team in steals and assists), his ability to score matters (he’s still second on the team in scoring despite this slump). If he can’t find a way out of this funk, bad things will continue to happen in South Beach.

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