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The NBA Shows Little Love For ACC In 2013 Draft

The Duke star ended up with the Brooklyn Nets.

The Duke star ended up with the Brooklyn Nets.

Wow. If the 2013 NBA Draft taught us one thing…the ACC is not even close to being the “greatest conference” of all-time.

Overall, I can’t recall a more unpredictable night. It started at the top when the Cleveland Cavaliers selected UNLV’s Anthony Bennett. That’s when my mock draft was busted and it would never recover.

As for the ACC, it wasn’t pretty.

Alex Len, who couldn’t even earn a third-seed All-ACC this past season in conference, was the first ACC player taken. He was of course taken by the Phoenix Suns with the fifth pick. The Suns are a bad team, so Len should be able to step in and start right away. I hope he likes growing pains.

I thought Shane Larkin would be the last lottery selection with Utah, but all the point guards fell, as did Larkin. After a few trades, he finally landed in Dallas (via Atlanta’s 18th pick). The Mavericks have a ton of point guards on their roster, but the main man is Darren Collison. However, Collison is a restricted free agent, so Larkin could see plenty of action if Dallas doesn’t resign him.

Everyone had Mason Plumlee going to Atlanta, but it just proved that everyone knows nothing. The middle Plumlee instead went to the Brooklyn Nets at 22. This is a good landing spot. First, the Nets are desperate for a rebounder and that’s what Plumlee does best. Second, based on all the trade rumors, he will get to play with (and learn from) Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce (who were traded to the Nets). Not bad tudors, although the Nets’ front court could be a little crowded if they resign Kim Kardashian’s ex.

Reggie Bullock went three picks after Plumlee (to the anger of many Tar Heels fans). He went to the Los Angeles Clippers. This is a team that has already lost Grant Hill (retired), could lose Matt Barnes via free agency and don’t forget Chauncey Billups is like 84 years old. My point…Bullock is exactly what the Clippers need.

After Bullock, it starts to get depressing as the next 21 picks go by and no ACC names are called before Virginia Tech’s Erick Green gets selected way back with the 16th pick in the second round. After a little confusion, the pick belonged to Denver. It’s not a perfect landing spot since the Nuggets already have Ty Lawson and Andre Miller, but Denver is desperate for three-pointers, so if Green can hit some shots, he’ll play.

Two picks later I was totally shocked to see the Los Angeles Lakers take Duke’s Ryan Kelly with the 48th overall pick. Don’t get me wrong, I love Kelly. He’s a solid stretch four, who is a extremely underrated defender. However, because of the injury this past season, I just didn’t see anyone rolling the dice on him with a draft pick. Anyhow, he’ll get his minutes behind Pau Gasol, but don’t look for him to get a ton of time at center, even if Dwight Howard bolts.

When N.C. State’s Lorenzo Brown left school early, I don’t think to Minnesota with the 52nd pick is what he had in mind. I think Jay Bilas said it best:

“He didn’t defend with a passion, but really no one on this team did.”

Ouch. Anyhow, Brown will backup Rick Rubio and play a little off the ball as well (if he can hit a jumper).

Anyhow, that’s it.

I’m shocked no one took a chance on North Carolina State’s C.J. Leslie. I know the concerns, but you would have thought someone, anyone would have wasted a late second-round pick.

After him, Duke’s Seth Curry was next on my list. I’m not so much surprised, if I did a second round in my mock draft I would not have had Curry on it, but I wouldn’t have been shocked if someone took a chance. The same can be said about Florida State’s Michael Snaer. So much for being Mr. Clutch.

After those three, no other Miami Hurricane, other than Larkin, was taken. Durand Scott, nope. Kenny Kadji, nope. Trey McKinney-Jones, nope. Julian Gamble, nope. Reggie Johnson, nope. Of these four, only Scott is a bit of a surprise.

Now we’ll wait and see which, if any, NBA team picks these guys up via free agency, along with players like Wake’s C.J. Harris, Clemson’s Devin Booker and N.C. State’s Scott Wood.

On top of that, let’s not forget to mention the players from the future ACC teams.

Only Syracuse’s Michael Carter-Williams got picked, joining Nerlens Noel in Philadelphia. Clearly the 76ers are aiming for Andrew Wiggins in next year’s draft.

Of the remaning former BIG EAST guys, only Syracuse James Southerland not getting drafted was a surprise. However, let’s not forget about his teammate Brandon Triche, as well as Notre Dame’s Jack Cooley.


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